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Friday, September 16, 2011

Dangerous Pest Used to Fight Tumors

Nottingham - Scientists use soil pests harmful to kill tumors in humans. Harmful pests may help fight tumor growth.

This therapy uses Clostridia, this is a pest often found in the soil are included in the type of spores. Spores are later injected into the patient's body and will produce a bacterial enzyme specifically in solid tumors.

Once the spores are injected, then an anti-cancer drugs injected into the patient separately. After reaching the location of the tumor, a bacterial enzyme will further enable the performance of the drug and the likelihood is able to destroy tumor cells.

"Clostridia are a group of ancient bacteria that grow on Earth before the Earth has an atmosphere rich in oxygen, so the spores are grown in low oxygen conditions," explained Nigel Minton who is the lead researcher from the University of Nottingham.

As quoted from The Hindu, Tuesday (06/09/2011), researchers at the Unversity of Nottingham say when Clostridia spores are injected into patients suffering from cancer, then Clostrida will only grow in oxygen-deficient environment, the center of solid tumors.

Researchers at the University of Nottingham (UK) and Maastricht (the Netherlands) is currently conducting clinical trials of this therapy. They have introduced a gene for a much better version than the initial enzyme into the DNA of Clostridia.

Clostrida already in this update, now capable of producing the enzyme in larger quantities to attack tumors in humans and more efficiently use of anti-cancer drugs.

This therapy is targeted to kill cancer cells, while healthy cells will not be attacked. This is a simple and safe procedure to cure various types of solid tumors.

"This therapy will kill all types of tumor cells. Treatments like this much better than surgical operations, especially for patients at high risk or with a difficult tumor locations," he concluded.


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