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Friday, September 16, 2011

iPad more in demand than Playbook

Research in Motion (RIM) entered the Dark Ages, following a poor earnings report in quarter two.

BlackBerry smart phone maker reported its earnings slumped 47 percent, analysts predict sales fell 1.3 million BlackBerry devices and RIM units only sell 200 thousand units Playbook tablet device.

Imagine, if RIM's Playbook only sell one at a time then Apple managed to sell 23 iPad in the same time. Previously,

the analysis would predict RIM shares fell 18 percent. In total, RIM shares reduced by half this year.

Even so, RIM's chief executive Jim Balsillie remains optimistic and do some new breakthrough in BlackBerry sales.

"On the positive side, RIM continues to launch new products with the latest operating system," said Balsillie as stated Atlantic Wire.

"We successfully launched a variant of the BlackBerry smart phone OS 7 based around the world during the late second quarter, and given the high asking customers to new products."

So far RIM BlackBerry sold 10.6 million units in Q2, while Apple sold 20.3 million units of iPhone.


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