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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Early Detection Alzhimer

CAMBRIDGE - Researchers Camridge Cognition at the University of Cambridge announced that they will make early detection Alzhimer. This tool will be able to distinguish between people who suffer from dementia and normal people. This relates to the length of one's memories memory disappears.

Doctors neurologists should be able to detect early patients who suffer from impaired cognitive function that might impact on their memory of memory
loss. In addition doctors are expected to show some of the major symptoms of Alzheimer's neurodegenarative like.

Thus, accurate detection is essential to provide good handling on the diagnosis and appropriate treatment for patients. What is done by a team from Cambridge Cognition is to develop a special memory tests aimed through the package in the dementia tests.

Experts say that they managed to find the characteristics of both types of diseases that affect memory loss and create a simple tool, quickly and objectively to membedakana both. If the tool is used on a large scale, such tests can make a fundamental difference for the elderly in developed countries.

Two scientists from the University of Cambridge namely Trevor Robbins and Barbara Sahakian, was in charge of a test called the Paired Associates Learning (PAL). Both are now a consultant for a company maker of intrusion detection cognitive function.

Cambridge Cognition is now selling the CANTAB, a touch screen device based on neuropsychological tests that can be used easily by physicians. More than 500 universities, institutes and hospitals in more than 50 countries already using this diagnostic instrument.

The company also plans to soon create a tool like this for CANTAB version of the mobile as a platform to facilitate the mobility of the first diagnosisi doctors. If this version is to be made, the patient may be more quickly and effectively to diditeksi. In addition the location of the testing could have occurred outside the hospital.

"Alzheimer's disease usually begins by affecting the formation of the hippocampus (part of the cerebrum) in the brain. The area of ​​the brain is most important for the formation of episodic memory, including the location of objects in space, such as where you leave the car when it was in the parking lot," says Sahakian.

"This tool is designed to evaluate and detect Alzheimer's disease as early as possible. It is expected with early diagnosis, will result in more effective treatments for patients," concluded the experts.


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