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Thursday, September 8, 2011

BlackBerry Playbook

Having announced in the fourth quarter last year and had delayed its release. Playbook can finally enjoy the loyal users the BlackBerry. As of this writing, the Playbook is officially only available in the North American market but at least you can find Playbook version of the BM in the local market with ease. What are the advantages and disadvantages of tablet RIM's this? Following a review
BlackBerry Playbook clearly not just a device that enters the arena of battle tablets without a weapon. Various features such as multi-tasking and browsers and be able to perform optimally Playbook differentiator with its competitors.
Unfortunately, the vital basic features such as email applications, contacts calendar is also not available by default and can only be obtained after connecting Playbook with BlackBerry smartphones. As of this writing, even BlackBerry Messenger is also not yet available in the Playbook. But do not worry for this one, the BlackBerry was setting it up via BlackBerry Bridge. So it's no exaggeration to call Playbook as a complement to the BlackBerry smartphone is not it?
• Camera with video recorder 1080p
• Browser feature-rich
• Multitasking
• Lack of applications built
• Optimal when connected to BlackBerry smartphones

With dimensions not much different, almost the same size with the Galaxy Playbook Tab. Even so, a sense of who presented the two gadgets when digengam apparent opposites. According to the plastic material that feels like rubber on the back of the Playbook make it not slippery and more comfortable to use for long.

Turning to the terms of the formation, the corners of the Playbook present the impression that appear more firm and rigid when compared with the iPad.
On the front side of the Playbook screen appears surrounded by a black frame that is large enough, though seem annoying but its existence is not without reason because the actual frame is a touch-sensitive frame of functional access to every menu and will make it even easier as the length of time the use of Playbook.
On Playbook you will find 4 pieces of buttons on the upper side, each of these buttons is the power button and 2 volume control buttons that flank the play / pause. In use more using a touch-sensitive screen and frame. While each of the ports you need can be accessed on the underside of the Playbook.

BlackBerry Tablet OS by QNX
In contrast to Apple that uses the same operating system on your iPhone and iPad. RIM is working with QNX Software Systems chose to develop an operating system specifically for the tablet device called the BlackBerry besutannya Tablet OS.

Before being acquired by RIM, QNX Software Systems creates more operating systems for use in motor vehicles, medical equipment, navigation systems, unmanned vehicles and even the U.S. military. Although not very related to the telecommunications industry but clearly the field is a sector that requires high precision on each device.
At the beginning you will find a user interface similar to the BlackBerry OS UI display 6 with 4 pieces on display bersandingan tray, each one is All, Favorites, Media and Games.

To switch between the tray, you can press the title of the desired tray or wipe the screen to the right or left. Each tray can also be your opening and closing by pressing the arrow icon located on the right corner of the frame tray or sweep the bottom of the screen ketengah.
Menu "options" can be accessed from the tray All or by sweeping the screen from the frame toward the top down or pressing the icon option-right corner of the screen while on the homescreen.

By default Playbook only once the application is accompanied with little luggage. RIM does not even include some vital applications such as email, calendar, or contacts. For business e-mail you will only see a few icons on the menu that fact only serves as a launcher or a browser shortcut.

True Multi-tasking
This one is clearly the benefits of BlackBerry Playbook than some competitors. This feature allows you to run multiple applications simultaneously, and not just multi-tasking like on a tablet device or other mobile phones.
Because usually when you run an application and switch to the main menu to run other applications are usually applications that run going to pause the currently running processes but not so when when using the Playbook, any running process will still take place even if you open an application or feature another. And more interesting all the processes running without any lag at all.

Even when trying to run several applications including high-resolution games, NFS: Underground and play the video demos are also inherited a full HD format simultaneously, can still do the steering in the game when the screen displays a window multitasking.
For a taste of this feature with a maximum before you need to access the Options> General and change the option "Application Behavior" to "Showcase".
Multitasking window can be accessed by sweeping the bottom of the screen from the frame to the center of the screen (like opening the tray on the homescreen) or from the frame on the left / right into the middle of the screen.

BlackBerry Bridge
This feature serves to connect and synchronize with your BlackBerry Playbook you use. Once connected you will get one extra fruit tray titled "BlackBerry Bridge" on the homescreen. This displays the tray icon to access some features on the BlackBerry is synchronized. For example, the calendar features you can access a variety of appointments on the BlackBerry even make a new appointment.

When not in a hotspot you can use the Bridge browser, means to connect to the internet you use an operator on the BlackBerry is synchronized.
Only when connected to another BlackBerry device is you can feel and use the features on the Playbook to the fullest. if you do not already have a BlackBerry smartphone devices and plans to buy the Playbook, you should delay your intentions are.

Camera Superior
Playbook equipped with 2 pieces of a camera, 5MP 3MP at the rear and front facing. Besides being a secondary camera with highest resolution at this time, the camera feature on Playbook has other advantages, namely the second camera can record moving images are in full HD resolution (1080p).
Both of these advantages have not been found in other competitor vendors tablet Playbook output, but that does not feature a camera Playbook without flaws, because in fact there are several points to be minus the value of its own, such as the unavailability of a second flash for the camera as well as the absence of autofocus features.

Speaking of results, when the lighting conditions around the object like a pretty picture out of space during the day, shots are fairly good Playbook. But when poor lighting conditions, there is still noise in the form of soft spots in the photo.

Uncompromised Web Browsing Experience
BlackBerry Playbook Advantage can also be felt through the browser features. Through the default browser that is embedded in the Playbook, you can feel the experience of internet as when using a desktop. Third open a site, you will not be automatically directed to the mobile version of the site.

You can also maximize the Flash-laden sites thanks to the support of Adobe ® Flash ® Player 10 is available by default.
To access the extra options on the browser frame to sweep the top toward the bottom. In this panel you can access the multi tab feature, download and options


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