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Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Successful Unmanned Helicopters Electric Flight

An engineer in France, Peter Chretien, successfully design and mengembangangkan first manned electric helicopters at the request of the Solution F. Electric helicopters are even listed as the first manned electric helicopter in the world to successfully fly. Chretien managed to design a helicopter within 12 months. As reported by Popular Science, electric helicopter is the first successful flight on August 12, 2011 ago.
Altitude on the first flight is one meter. It is very very low. However, it still can not be underestimated because it managed to beat the previous electric helicopter, Sikorsky, which is designed without a crew.

Creating an electric helicopter is not easy. Helicopter known as a vehicle that "hungry" energy. Helicopters different planes that only require a large power during take off and operate with minimal power when at altitude and landing. Chretien himself had to think hard when the Solution F asked him to design a manned electric helicopter. He must think that the design helicopter slim as possible, as light as possible and as efficiently as possible so that it can reduce the energy required.

The results of the design there is a co axial rotor designs that throw the weight of the control cyclic and tail rotor that is not efficient, and prefer the "fin" tail rotor blades and simple system that allows pilots to set the direction of motion of the helicopter. Chretien also use aluminum material and Lithium ion polymer pouch that easily evaporate under the seat to ensure comfort and crew landed safely on the rough surface. Unclear whether the helicopter would be used commercially.


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