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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sony Ericsson phones introduce 2D with 3D shades

Sony Ericsson introduced the Xperia smartphones New Arc S that can take 3D pictures with just a regular camera, it was made ​​possible by the new features are embedded in all devices Sony Ericsson Xperia. Sony Ericsson says its lineup of smart phones Sony Ericsson is able to take a 3D panoramic images using a regular 2D cameras.

By taking multiple images and combine them together, Xperia Arc S will simulate 3D in every 3D television. In the phone itself, the image is only visible in a 2D format.

Device that uses Google's Android operating system and released in October in the UK. Sony Ericsson claims that the phone's performance 25 percent faster than its predecessor because the Arc S uses 1.4GHz processor.

Arc S has a screen 4.2 and 8.1 MP camera. Each 3D image can be viewed in 3D TV by connecting the phone via the HDMI output of 3D TV.

Smart phone that is integrated into Sony's main product. Smart phones that can act as a remote control for Sony Bravia television, and also features Sony's music and media stores Unlimited Video.


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