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Monday, September 12, 2011

HP Production Re-TouchPad

Because the TouchPad is his best-selling price was on sale, then the Hewlett Packard (HP) decided to re-produce these tablets for the last time.

As quoted from Pocket-Lint, the consumer perception that a massive clearance sale has ended TouchPad was wrong, as the HP confirmed that they will manufacture these tablets for the last time.

Even so, Mark Budgell PR Manager of Social Media Strategy of HP does not inform how many units will be made in the final production. Rumors are circulating on the internet mention that there will be 200 thousand units to be remanufactured TouchPad.

Information on how much quota units for each region of the country is also unclear, because the HP also has not provided detailed information on the plan.

"We do not know what the exact amount that will be produced later TouchPad, and ration the distribution of each region. We can not promise that everyone will be able to ration the tablet," said Budgell.

"We also do not know when these tablets will be available in the market," he added.

After slamming the price in August, TouchPad tablets sold. Site Best Buy retail claims that it is out of stock Touch Pad, both in store and online.

Touch Pad itself is priced at USD99, 99 (16GB) and USD149, 99 (32GB) by Best Buy. This is a massive price cuts on the Touch Pad which was originally priced at USD400 to USD500.


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