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Monday, September 12, 2011

Scientists Create Smart Drugs Cancer Killer

Bradford - Scientists from the University of Bradford, England managed to create a cure for cancer 'smart' which is only active when it reaches the tumor cells of the body affected. This could reduce the side effects of cancer drugs are notoriously dangerous.

The researchers conducted the first testing in humans, by testing the drug on five types of dangerous cancers, including cancers of breast, colon, lung,
sarcomas and prostate. They show the results of research done at the British Science Festival in Bradford, by showing only the drug targets only cancerous tissue.

Previous studies conducted in mice that had tumors successfully treated using new drugs in combination with drugs kemotrapi. If this use is approved it will be used to treat cancer in humans.

Solid tumors generally show high levels of enzymes called matrix metalloproteinases (MMP). It is possible to cause the growth of cancer that ate the normal tissues and spread throughout the body.

As quoted by Financial Times, the researchers began mengguanakan anti-cancer drug called colchicine, a compound derived from the crocus plant that thrives in the fall. Chemicals attached to the back of the compound close to the protein. This has led to drug active in cancer cells.

When the drug reaches the cancer is not active, MMP enzymes will cut the back of the protein and releases the drug to react to cancer cells. At that time the drug will attack and destroy blood vessels in the tumor cells and stop further growth.

"We are very optimistic with the use of new drugs that can react to destroy the blood vessels in tumors. But we are still cautious because these are all still in clinical testing in the laboratory. After graduating from clinical trials, we will try to use it in cancer treatment," concluded Professor Laurence Patterson, who led the study


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