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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rotavirus Vaccine is Effective to Prevent Transmission

Rotavirus is a disease that many strikes children and causes of death. Recent studies have revealed rotavirus vaccine proved effective and provides broad protection.

Recently a rotavirus vaccine was introduced and has proved very effective and has some unexpected benefits. This is because the vaccine provides broader protection for children who received the vaccine and the people around him.

The researchers concluded that evaluate the vaccine is effective because the vaccine shown to reduce hospitalizations due to diarrhea patients in the hospital as much as 50 percent. This decrease occurred only after 2 years of the immunization program began.

"This vaccine provides protection against the patient's immediate hospitalization of children, older children, adults and the elderly," said researcher Ben A Lopman from U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as quoted from VOANews,

Lopman said that this vaccine also provides protection indirect or so-called herd immunity (herd immunity). This condition occurs because only a few people who took part in some infected people who are already vaccinated.

By doing vaccinations in children, it will help stop transmission of the virus infection to siblings, parents and all other family members. The results of this study have been published online by the Journal of Infectious Diseases.

To better measure the effectiveness of this vaccine, need to do further studies should be conducted in areas where diarrhea caused by rotavirus disease is still a threat far more serious.

Rotavirus is the leading cause severe diarrhea that causes death in half a million people each year. More than 85 percent of these deaths occur in developing countries such as Africa and Asia. Children under 5 years, mainly aged 6 months to 2 years is the age group most at risk.


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