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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Samsung Tablet also Will Use Windows

Samsung plans to start using Windows, in addition to the OS that have previously been used on their previous tablet. According to a recent report.As quoted by Mashable, next week at Microsoft's developer conference in California, Samsung plans to make an official announcement about the plan.Samsung first introduced the first tablet, Galaxy, in September 2010.
But despite a lot of positive reviews, approximately one in 10 buyers return to the store the product within a month.

Currently Galaxy has been the target of attacks in terms of patent infringement Apple technology. Until now, Apple has struck Samsung in Europe, Australia and Japan. In Germany even today Galaxy Tab tablets are banned.

In the event Microsoft's developer conference in California next week, Microsoft is expected to launch the latest version of Windows for tablet PCs.

Quite a headache tablet market to Microsoft, because they have long since launched a kind of tablet PCs, but has not yet reap the maximum results. Apple itself is a huge success with the iPad, which is also referred to as triggers drop in PC sales.


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